Abolish prostitution

Here I find another way to criminalize prostitution and the clients of it.

All this leads me to the following reflection:

Prostitution is a service consented by both parties starting from education and respect, so if in this case, the client, as the video incites, sexist violence (not intrinsic to prostitution) the solution or punishment that is proposed is that the woman does not engage in prostitution and that the client does not hire any prostitute.
I am surprised by this absurd reaction, I understand that we love drama and that the telenovela sells a lot but I think we talk about serious things and we are supposed to seek solutions to problems instead of hiding them.
I understand that prostitutes offer a service that we know is sooooo sued: sexual company. There is no crime here Contactos Mujeres Zaragoza

The problem is that if someone thinks they can harm me and cause me physical and moral harm because I am a prostitute, I understand that the problem is with the person who wants to attack me.The “quick and easy” solution by institutions and governments would be to abolish prostitution, not to give us the freedom to continue exercising above machismo, poor us. Because of course, being a prostitute is tantamount to attracting the dark side, crime, machismo and violence. Have not you stopped to think that with the abolition of prostitution there will continue to be crime, machismo and violence? If the crime of prostitution is separated we will see that there is only one problem: crime, and for that no one is looking for a solution seriously …

I believe that crime is the labels and customs, not wanting to evolve or see different points of view. If a prostitute woman comes to him a violent and macho client, we must fight against violence and machismo not against the prostitute who makes a living with an activity that she has chosen.
This video with its message: It is necessary to abolish prostitution, pretends to make believe that prostitution is necessarily criminal and inciting since it attracts sadistic clients, so in this macho way of criminalizing this activity exercised by women who want to force them not to exercise it seems to me that it takes away the workers’ voice and decision and they are blamed for that same macho violence.

Violence exists with prostitution or without prostitution, it is everywhere, especially in our male partners and in heterosexual marriage, according to numerous studies and statistics.
We do not take away the right to women to marry but to prostitute themselves, all this sounds to me when the woman could not divorce or vote before and today she is granted the right to do so. Women can not have the freedom to prostitute themselves but machismo can continue to prevail since it is the prostitute who is punished. Everything begins and ends with the repression of women and overprotecting them from what? Of the macho violence perpetuated by institutions, governments and “feminists” that degrade us, they ignore us, they treat us and treat us as ignorant victims with the excuse that we do not know what we are doing. No, I do not believe anything that cutting women’s freedom is the solution.

Well, maybe the solution would be at the same time that campaigns are carried out against sexist violence and the empowerment of women would be good to stop victimizing prostitutes depriving us of exercising the activity we have wished to exercise with the excuse of protecting ourselves from violent and macho attitudes, prostitutes in the street give them safe spaces as they cry out, high-class women stop despising them and accuse them of going over the others and do not seek to confront us, because we are all equal, between us there is companionship and we do not hate each other because we want the best for everyone.

Prostitutes are not a shame we have to know well that we exist and we are there, to show that we are nothing and to make ourselves invisible is an act of violence towards us and that is not what the clients do.
So help us, but really help us to empower ourselves and let us know to ourselves and the world that we are not alone, that they will punish the abusers and not the good client who respects us, because after all abolishing prostitution you punish us to us who have decided to exercise. We take away the voice and decision of the workers and we are blamed for this violence by depriving us of work and our economic sustenance.

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