Unfair dismissal Ariadna

For years I wrote this story, I had it stored on my hard drive.
Today I raise it to share it with you, it is a writing about the eroticism of domination and submission starting from any day and giving rise to an unexpected and spontaneous situation.
I hope you like it!

Unfair dismissal

“I had been working on the plan for a few weeks, finally I would …”Today was the last to leave and close the office, the next day and was not going to return so the time was that.I crept into the big office.I had always respected that office with its furniture, black sofas and immaculate white walls …And even more yesterday …


-It is already decided- John argued -You are young and inexperienced, you lack more aggressiveness when dealing with clients

It was useless to tell him that I would apply myself more and that I could measure up … but it was already decided.

-I’m sorry- It was the last thing he said.

Today he had not spoken to him all day, he noticed but said nothing.I took courage, I took the keys to the office, I knew where they were stored. I turned on the light on the desk and turned on the computer ready to do an important cleaning job …I was so focused that a scream behind me paralyzed me.”Damn it!” Juan pounced on the computer, took a look, touched a couple of keys and turned off the computer.

-But what did you pretend? – He faced me. – Do you know that this is a crime?I did not answer, I was still paralyzed with fright and the words did not come out … I felt naked … What would happen now?Juan left the room closing a door and locked the door.

Did he have the right to keep me like this?

I stayed locked for a while, nervous, I was willing to pound on the door to let me out and speak as civilized people when suddenly the door opened and entered the office again.

He sat in the chair behind the table while inviting me to sit in the chair across the way as he used to call me for important matters.

He ran his hand over his face with a long sigh.

-Why would you do that? – Inquired at last

I sighed, looked at my hands, hesitated feeling like a criminal.

I explained everything, what else would I lose? I confessed that it seemed unfair to be kicked out, everything I had done for them and for a sad excuse they wanted to kick me out …

I looked at him with a mixture of regret and indignation.

Juan listened to me all the time. He sighed again and looked at me for a long time.

“I will not say anything to the director,” he said at last, very gravely, “but you deserve punishment.

It surprised me … a blunder and that’s it? I thought I would call the police …

I looked at Juan hesitantly.

-We will solve this as adults who we are- he added getting up from the chair- like you, I will take justice for my hand, I hope you understand.

Juan approached and stood behind me and I heard when he went to the filing cabinets and cabinets that were behind me looking for something in them.

He approached again and after a slight pause said:

-Get up please

I did what he asked me I got up slowly and before turning around something covered me covered my eyes, I raised my arms to prevent it but Juan grabbed me by the wrists.

-Do not worry. I will not hurt you, “he whispered in a low, determined tone.

Then he took my hands, extended my arms back and joined my wrists felt as I tied them with a string.

– Desátame! – I demanded to notice the tightly constricted cord.

-If you talk too much, I’ll muzzle you- whispered in my ear

I opted to remain silent. He knew that Juan was not crazy … or could he possibly have transient madness?

I was standing in the middle of the office, Juan suddenly dragged me around the room and made me fall sitting on the couch.

He was silent for a while and I felt his hands checking the blindfolding as if making sure I did not see anything and that my hands were tied tightly when I noticed that I was twisting them trying to loosen the rope that was pressing on me.Standing behind me, he lifted me abruptly and led me to the table, laying me down with my backs flat on the desk with my legs spread and flexed. He stayed silent for a while while I felt overwhelmed by the shame, what the hell would I be looking at? Who would think he was?

Suddenly, he made me sit up, pulling my hair back, gently but decisively forcing me to tilt the back of my neck. I felt his face running down my neck almost without touching it.-I think you’re taking this too far …- I guessed rightJuan did not let me finish, I felt him leave abruptly, bewildered I tried to guess where he was, I heard drawers open and close, soon he came back to me to gag me with what appeared to be a handkerchief.

I started to fly seriously. I had no right to do that, not that I had been a saint but this was something personal …He approached me again and holding my hair forced me to turn my neck from left to right, his face was so close to mine that I could feel his breath.I felt it in front of me, put his hands on my ankles and little by little went up my legs raised my skirt to the height of my knees while I tightened them firmly.He continued climbing, circled my waist, my breasts and shoulders, stroked my collarbone and brought his lips to the lobe of my right ear while I turned my head impertinently to the opposite side, from a slap he forced me to face him.

He did not give it to me with force but it was not completely smooth either.

His hands surrounded my neck pressing gently to check my accelerated pulse …I almost guessed smiling …

He climbed up again and stroked the hot side of my face tenderly brought his nose to my face and stroked it all over my face.

I felt him get up and began to unbutton my blouse, I, trying to pull myself away, pulled me with impetus towards him while with my free hand I skillfully unbuttoned the buttons, with a jerk he half tore the shirt off my body while brutally grabbing me around the waist and stroking my necklineHis hands returned to my back, he kissed the back of my neck, shoulders, stroked my back, lowered his hands and untied my wrists to tie them in front, so he took the opportunity to get rid of my shirt and skillfully remove my bra.I tried to cover myself while Juan lowered my hands insistently, he left me sitting there for a while, without being able to know where he was or what he was looking at.

After a while he lifted me by the shoulders and led me blindly to the table, forced me to fall on top of me, lifted my skirt up to my waist and left me like that for a while as the humiliation took hold of me …After a few minutes I heard a metallic noise that seemed familiar to me. The next thing was to feel something stiff touch caressing my buttocks very slowly … a belt!At the moment of recognizing it I felt the whiplash, like the previous slap, not with hardness but it was not soft either …He lashed me for a couple of minutes, first one buttock and then the other. At the end he ran his hand over my fiery skin. Moved began to caress my punished skin, caressed and kissed my skin until he felt satisfied.She helped me to my feet, unsteadily I staggered, and when she stumbled she held me firmly to hug me and caress my breasts.

He took me back to the sofa and sat me on it, rolled up my skirt just above my knees and pulled my panties down very, very slowly until I was free of them. I closed my knees tight again, so much that my body was contracted.
Juan separated them unceremoniously on several occasions. The shame gripped me again and I winced when I felt Juan’s hands run my ankles, up my legs and knees, recreate the inner part of my thighs, without touching my privacy … climb up my waist, my navel until I reach my breasts to take them and savor them very gently …

I realized I was enjoying myself … I was disconcerted by the lack of attention, accompanied by the tenderness and the softness of her expert hands that at the same time excited me a lot … I felt wet and docile to her caresses, I began to savor that mixture of sensations … of feeling the caress of his gaze without needing to touch me …My breathing accelerated, Juan took charge of the situation and seemed to realize my degree of pleasure.Slowly he removed the gag from my mouth, brought his lips to mine, breathed my excitement, kissed me very slowly and slowly introduced his tongue, I offered it to him and with that permission he lowered his hand to my most intimate part, opening my lower lips gently and caressing safely the center of my pleasure, introduced a finger in me, two … came and went from me in such a way that I thought I was going to go crazy …

Finally I turned around and mouth to bottom began to lick my buttocks to put his tongue in the back hole moistening first with one finger and then with another helping me to dilate that sensitive area my sighs and moans were increasing especially when trying to caress me in front.In this situation Juan untied my hands, so that I had them free and could masturbate without impediments, I had completely surrendered to pleasure and was about to culminate … then gently and firmly entered me from behind, the onslaught that they continued to finish all the accumulated pleasure and Juan a few seconds later satisfied his.

He over me, took the blindfold off of me and we hugged.

After a while, after recovering, I asked:

-Juan … Today I had to close to me … Why did you come back?

Juan smiled and replied:

“On the way out, I’ve been talking to the boss about you, I’ve talked about your unfair dismissal and I’ve convinced him. You’re still on the team.

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