Sex work, it’s my job

I have had many jobs throughout my life, and I say many since I am a very bright and nonconformist person.
My mother calls me indignant and stubborn and although she denies it,
she is right, but now that she can not read me I will say that I am also proud on many occasions, besides,
I do not like obligations, I am undisciplined by nature and I like variety.

Character clashes

My character clashes with the vast majority of jobs offered to women, I make this differentiation because
I have always perceived that the treatment is not the same: harassment, demands, conditions, salary, etc …
This is how I have lived in the different jobs that I have developed.

The work that I have most exercised is prostitution, a job that I thought of as any other,
because as in the other jobs I knew I was able to understand and perform correctly.
Assessing whether I would be able to work as a prostitute, I thought I liked sex, for me it is a liberating therapy.
I had long experience having sex with strangers, I did not care to practice sex without love,
I did not care if the other person was attractive or not and it has never been a moral conflict or unworthy to charge for it.

Women prostitutes

I have always seen women prostitutes, even in the most unfortunate situations,
strong, optimistic, happy, authentic women, sensitive women, good companions but above all I have seen them free.
As a teenager I was very shy and introverted (in a way I still am) and I admired them, I wanted to be like them and at some point
I surprised myself by wanting to have friends whores.

Experience with legal work

My experience with legal work has not been very good precisely, in most jobs I have felt and lived an excessive control,
I have been hinted that I should wear a suit, but a suit that suggested my forms with pants,
shirts and an American tight to the body to be a stewardess, commercial or working for the public,
they even told me that I should use not only shoes but heels, when the male companions wore loose clothes and flat and comfortable shoes.
When I worked as a beautician they had even suggested to me how I should shave my eyebrows,
that I should use makeup to set a good example for the clients. No … I did not want to be a part of it ..


One day I decided to dare with the job search, I was fed up, disgusted and bored of what I had lived,
so I started looking for “Other Jobs”, I wanted jobs that escaped the established and the conventional.
I searched until I found a waitress in a strip club and I had an adrenaline rush,
so I went to the interview, they were looking for women in the afternoon shift and their dress conditions were elegant or sexy,
they offered me a fixed more than acceptable more commissions, so
I came home and told my mother excited but, as it happens to most, was frightened,
she who had always been uninhibited and liberal acted in a fatherly way,
told me that they would force me psychologically to have sex with clients and that if I did not accept they would kick me out,
or worse would force me against my will.


I knew very badly that my own mother saw me with so little will and personality,
I told her to offer me what they wanted that I was only going to serve drinks, that if I said it was not No,
period! That nobody could go against my will. My mother, overcome by fear and seeing me so determined,
threatened to throw me out of the house if she accepted the job.


I decided not to accept the work and I learned that I could not tell everything at home, I became more introverted and sure of my convictions.
I have never seen the woman as weak, therefore the prostitutes either. When today they come to me and tell me not to be a prostitute,
to look for another job, because in this way I am enslaving the man,
I think of my mother when she took away without being conscious the right to say no, even to make mistakes. ..


It hurts me and it makes me sad to see so many paternalistic “mothers” who want to overprotect us as if we were weak or helpless,
it’s like going home alone at dawn, “Do not come back alone or your father will come looking for you” or in some cases: “better not go out”.
So my belief that we prostitutes women are strong has been reinforced over time.

After hiding from my family, I continued with my search for “Other Jobs”,
I discovered that there are men who prostitute themselves, and a good number of transgender women,
I have worked with many foreign women and none of them have been victims or sexually exploited.
I also thought that in this work should be perfect, impeccable, creams, makeup, perfume, heels, eyebrows, tight clothing …
If it is normal in our society and in the workplace In prostitution even more!


Nothing is further from the reality since not everything is as they tell us, I have discovered that clients like imperfect women,
they adore feminine curves accept our defectillos naturally: pimples, cellulite, scars ..
People who come to see us can enjoy the company of someone of his age, sexual, with concerns, cheerful …
The physical just happens to second or third plane, therefore I am more me, I openly laugh, I show my body with its virtues and defects ,
I laugh out loud, I joke with the client I even reach orgasm before my partner.

It has been hard for me to understand, partly because of my insecurity since there was a time when
I hated my body and I thought that with makeup and “disguised” I would like more.
I also can not stand working for third parties, during a time that I was working for third parties as a prostitute I felt the same way
I felt working for third parties in legal work, it just was not my thing. So I became independent.
I like self-employed work so I am currently also dedicated to the quiromasaje, as a prostitute
I can be self-employed I can pay but I do not have the same rights as any other worker.

can devote myself to whatever I want, I am a person interested in ecology and I think there are too many people and if there are no trees,
if I were not a prostitute or a chiromassager, I think I would make handmade soaps, ecological detergents,
free of cruelty to animals and respectful of the environment. .
Maybe I would open a vegan restaurant or a store of organic and vegan products or I would have my own virtual store, for that
I will always be on time, but today I am delighted with my work, I can be myself,
I do not favor any company, I do not enter the wheel of consumerism, with overproduction, waste of raw materials, massive purchases,
I do not have to force anyone to buy anything or contribute to create compulsive needs and consumers.

Prostitution is not an easy job, you can not tell your surroundings as easily as any other job.
Even today it is better to go home crying because your boss has abused you than to say that you have decided to become a prostitute.
The woman is better seen when she is a sexual victim at work when she takes the reins of her sexuality at work.

Sex work can not be bad for someone who enjoys and knows well their sexuality,
sex work can not be bad for those who do not need to know or love their sexual companionship,
sex work can not be bad for those who do not they feel rejected by the physicality of people.
Some people say that my work does not contribute anything to society …
Quick, easy and hypocritical way to demean and degrade sex work and workers! Since everyone knows that sex is health, it is fun, de-stressing …
Anyone who spends a little time with a sex worker will go better than when he arrived and let’s not forget that we also do well to people
who are really alone, to people who have fears and complexes, to people with functional diversity …

I am a person of “spaces and distances” but when a person comes to see me I get out of touch to touch her,
I feel that somehow I can help her, whether it is for a massage or for a sexual release. I feel that massage is good for your health and
I think that sex is good too. At that moment the person who is with me is because he trusts me and puts himself in my hands,
I like to communicate with her, talking, with my hands, with my whole body or interacting with my sexuality.
Nor is it easy or pleasant to deal with people who want the abolition of our work, but who tell us that they are on our side,
that they have nothing against us but against our “exploitative” clients. Their magical solution is sometimes to fine them to “protect” us,
since removing clients from our work makes us a good that we are unable to understand and thank.
It’s like saying: “Look, as you have not chosen what you do and above an exploiter benefits from it but you are so stupid and little
that you do not even know, so let’s cover your mouth and tie you up so you do not tell us the opposite and be free thanks to your macho,
patronizing and patriarchal defenders. ”

It does not matter if I tell them that in the jobs they consider “decent” for the woman I have been harassed,
that they pay me less for being a woman, that they do not respect me,
that my moments of abuse and mistreatment have been in my personal life and not as a prostitute.
Today as is our society and the labor scene I feel fortunate to have my job, in which no one imposes the dress, as
I have to pluck the eyebrows, how I have to make up or what kind of heel to use.
I do not have to go selling anything to anyone or listen to degrading offers of salary increase in exchange for me “accompanying”
the boss by car to my house.

I think it is very important to give visibility to our work, many times when we started we do not know where to go,
we only know the version that prostitution is a dark underworld of dens filled with exploited women who end up in the street drugged.
It is the misinformation that gives us mostly abolitionist feminism and the media.

There are many, many prostitutes like me but do not dare to speak because of the stigma attached to them,
because of the fear of worrying their relatives and the repudiation of society, because a victim arouses sympathy but the one who is not is
condemned and It does not appear in the statistics being labeled as insignificant minority and not representative of reality.
In sex there is still the conception that the sexuality to satisfy is that of man, that is why a woman who lives sex naturally and openly,
goes beyond the usual moral limits and above wants to appropriate her sexuality and make it her own. work is unthinkable today.
We should be aware that there are many prostitute women in our environment, from neighbors to acquaintances to friends or family.
Almost all of them are forced to have double lives, including two jobs.
When we meet each other, a complicity appears between us, someone you will surely tell more about than your own relatives,
someone who will understand you, support you when you have some kind of fear or insecurity. It’s as if that feminist mother,
telling you that you were going to work at a strip bar, had decided to accompany you to the interview because she believes in you,
respects your decisions and decides to be by your side in case some day problems arise and you know that are you alone.

To those who want to abolish my work I tell them that each job has its own peculiarities, it is understandable that
there are those who could not do mine or saw moral reparations to the practice of prostitution,
but I believe that no one should tell me what I should or should not do with My body, I think we should do an exercise of respect
and empathy to the other person, embrace the differences and allow each one to face his life and work with his details as he thinks fit.

For example:
As a vegan, I do not understand how the butchers do not cry over those amounts of dead animals they work with every day but I respect them.
As an environmentalist, I do not understand that those who work in supermarkets accept to throw away food within a few days of expiration,
but I respect it.
I am pro human rights, I do not understand those who accept to work in shoe stores where footwear made by women,
men and children are sold in other countries, but I accept it.
As a feminist, I do not understand how some women are given rights and freedoms and others are not.
The list is endless …
EYo as a person with their beliefs and moralities do not coincide with the doing of other people, but I respect them.
Why I as a prostitute do not deserve the respect of others?
No, I do not understand anything at all but I think we should go hand in hand because in this way we seem to be going against each other.
It is not that prostitution is inherently macho and patriarchal, we are all part of the system,
in any work we find machismo and the hand of patriarchy although some are chosen under the protection of the legal framework and rights,
so when they tell me that I am not a feminist because I am favoring machismo and I am alienated by patriarchy, it seems ridiculous,
when what they are doing is depriving me of my freedom of choice to submit and “reinsert”
me into a legality that already discriminates against women and “violates” their rights to day,
although sometimes it is without touching them but that violates them equal or worse.
So I want to continue being a prostitute and living my life as I want it to be and being really who I am.

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